Helsingin Kiinteistötekniikka manages property maintenance at Tavastians’ House in Kamppi, whose biggest and longest-standing tenant is the legendary Tavastia Club. Gigs are attended by thousands of people a week, which places tough demands on facility maintenance. “We have many daily maintenance needs, and our regular maintenance technician is extremely important to us,” says Pekka Görman of Tavastia.

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Tavastian Pekka Görman seisoo Tavastian julkisivun edessä.


Eira Hospital is one of Helsingin Kiinteistötekniikka’s more diverse property maintenance sites. Aside from the fact that the hospital is located in a century-old Art Nouveau building, strict property maintenance requirements are set by special functions related to the hospital’s infrastructure. “It takes years to learn about the building’s practices, how processes work here. The model that works best for us is our own maintenance technician, known by the entire staff,” says Hannu Hänninen, Director, Hospital Facilities and Engineering.

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Kiinteistöjohtaja Hannu Hänninen seisoo Eiran Sairaalan julkisivun edessä.