About us

Helsingin Kiinteistötekniikka has thirty years of experience as a partner providing the full range of property maintenance resources and services, with the agility and convenience of traditional janitors. Operating in the central Helsinki area, we specialise in local property maintenance.

We help our customers to maintain the value of their property and materials, and to care for the environment. Our customer promise is to make everyday life easier around the clock, with a holistic approach based on the ‘let’s fix everything in one go’ mentality.

Helsingin Kiinteistötekniikka currently employs thirteen carefully selected specialists in property maintenance.

Viemäriputket kulkevat kiinteistössä kellarikerroksessa.

A high-quality player

We use property-sector systems and technologies to ensure high-quality property maintenance at every stage of the process.

Property maintenance firms need comprehensive expertise when maintaining challenging, modern properties, as well as skills, know-how and modern equipment for the maintenance and servicing of property. At Helsingin Kiinteistötekniikka, we use a comprehensive and wide-ranging set of maintenance equipment to maintain and service our customers’ challenging real estate.

Our staff have decades of experience in property maintenance and we have created a flexible way of serving customers without compromising on quality. “Our goal is high-level property maintenance – we do not compromise on quality.” This describes our working culture, which results in long-term contracts and satisfied customers!